Monday, December 11, 2006

181. My talk went well
182. Running into my old boss and finding that I have no emotion whatever (no more anger, nothing) left over where he is concerned.
183. Being asked to share my love of my faith with others
184. Fresh friut
185. Cheese
186. The fact that there was still a priest available to hear my confession after my talk was over (thanks Fr. Rich)
187. Top Chef, it keeps entertaining even if Marcel won the Quick Fire Challenge
188. sleeping well (This one may come up repeatedly, but when you have insomnia, every time is a gift
189. Having a lazy morning every once in a while
190. getting a little Christmas shopping out of the way
191. Spending some time with my mother in law
192. Finding something you are looking for (Christmas surprise)
193. Fun old movies on AMC
194. spending an entire day away from the computer (hey I do it occasionally)
196. Watching tv with the kids Especially Thursday night's NBC lineup
197. Jamie Presley's portrayal of Joy on My Name is Earl
198. Writing in my journal before I go to bed.
199. Volunteering at the Library at my daughter's school, just as my mom did at my school when I was my daughter's age. Some traditions are good to carry on.
200. Good friends like Deb, the Media Specialist I work with at the School
201. Elementary School kids who can make me laugh every week by doing exactly the same thing.
202. Finding the non-wheat bread that I like at the Organic grocery in town.
203. Flourless Chocolate cookies
204. Driving by just in time to help my son when he had a blowout in his truck.
205. The fact that my son was handling his truck's flat pretty well on his own.
206. Being able to eat a BLT because I had #202 above yummy
207. Getting to sleep in on Saturday, even if it only meant until 9:45
208. Watching the Angelbaby donate her hair to Locks of Love
209. Getting a good haircut
210. Watching a sappy Christmas movie with mrangelmeg about a 50 year old man who wants to join the Senior Tour.
211. Being able to tell mrangelmeg that I would support his wanting to join the Senior Tour if he thought that God was calling him to do it, and meaning it.
212. Mrangelmeg finally getting the title to his jeap and getting the plates so he can drive it.
213. Spending the evening with good friends
214. Dancing with mrangelmeg even if we aren't "stars"
215. Having mrangelmeg say that he would be willing to take ballroom dancing lessons with me at the YMCA (something I have always wanted to do)
216. Not being tempted enough to indulge in one of the brownies that looked so good but would have been very bad for me
217. Getting to see Bill and Aggie, a very dear older couple that I haven't seen for a very long time
218. Staying to help clean up, even if my feet hurt.
219. Never having to wear those sandals ever again
220. coming home to our kids after being out
221. scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, especially when you are really hungry
222. Good homilies
223. Seeing a friend whose mother has recently died, being able to console her.
224. Seeing my prayer partner whom I haven't been able to pray with for a while since I have been going to mom's on Monday nights.
225. Son and husband getting son's truck tire fixed, which took most of the afternoon.
226. Third daughter going to the youth Mass, something I was hoping she would want to do but wasn't going to push her into doing.
227. Getting most of my Christmas shopping done while she was at Mass.
228. Warmer weather for a while
229. finding the rest of my Christmas gifts on the internet, nothing left to buy WOO HOO!!!
230. Dr's who take care of us when we need it
231. Second daughter, who doesn't talk much, but can say what needs to be said and can laugh with me occasionally
232. Good weather for my drive up to mom's
233. Having a good day with mom.
234. Seeing that mom eats her meals, even though she complains about them
235. Making dinner for mom and my sisters

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