Friday, June 05, 2009

I Thought It Was So Perfect . . .

Last week I got a new purse. I got it for free actually because I took the angelbaby to get a new outfit for her graduation from elementary school from Kohl's and got Kohl's Cash in exchange which had to be spent at Kohl's, but was like getting the purse for free because I used the Kohl's cash to pay for the purse so it didn't cost me anything extra.

I brought the purse home, a cute little Daisy Fuentes bag with only one pocket and a snap in the front. I am determined to only carry the absolute essentials in this bag so I wanted a very small purse to keep me from carrying anything I didn't absolutely need.

after a week, I still really like my purse, but the essentials just barely fit, and there is no room to spare at all. Every time I take something out or put something back I have to rearrange everything to get it closed, and I have to hang my keys on the outside with a carabiner (which I intended to do anyway for short periods, but meant to be able to put them away for longer stretches of time).

The other obvious flaw I have found is that there is no cell phone pocket. I have to wedge my cell phone into a small space between my little journal I carry and my billfold and when I get a call I have to open my purse and extract the phone to answer a call. That is really too bad.

Oh well, I should know better by now. I have written about this phenomenon before . I just hope I can live with the flaws long enough to justify having this purse even though it didn't cost me anything because I really don't think mrangelmeg will like my going off to buy a new purse in a week or two with the excuse that I didn't pay for this one. He doesn't understand how Kohl's cash works, because to him I had to pay $150 dollars (what I spent on the angelbaby's clothes) to get the "free" purse, but what does he know.


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Mimi said...

I think you can get little cell phone holder things made out of fabric you can clip onto your purse.