Wednesday, June 10, 2009

He Understands Women

I have always liked Denis Leary as an actor. Some might say he makes some seriously flawed choices in roles, but he has done some amazing work. Check out this performance which I think is the best movie he ever made, and by the way has some of the best performances by the other actors as well. To really get to know the man you have to see this video as well, it pretty much explains everything you need to know about him. He is a darn fine comedian, warning though, the video is not for children).

Anyway, I was waiting, for hours, the other day as they worked on my car, and without any good reading material I was stuck reading "women's magazine's" but it was my lucky day, because right in the middle of one was an interview by Lindsey Palmer in Redbook May 2009 with Dennis Leary. It proved that he is as interesting in person as he is on screen.

This quote stood out for me:

Q: What is your diagnosis on why men have trouble figuring out what women want?

Men have three things on their minds at all times: sex, sandwiches, and blowing stuff up. Women on the other hand, have really complicated brains that are involved in so many emotions and intellectual curiosity. We don't match up. So ladies, if you want something, you have to spell it out for us.

You have to love a man who understands the differences between the sexes that well. Maybe that can be chalked up to the fact that he has been happily married to his wife Ann for over 20 years. Having a good wife can do that for any man. (in my not so humble opinion.)


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Mimi said...

That is a great quote.

I heard a NPR interview with his wife a few months ago, it was a delight.