Monday, February 04, 2008

GO New Media Monday Morning Quarterback

So, Which of the Superbowl 42 Commercials were your favorite?

I have to say that mine were the E-trade spots with the baby, especially the one where he rented the clown with his "extra coin" and "really understimated the creapiness" I laughed so hard at that one.

If you want to re-experience all of the Superbowl ads in their glory you can find them here.

Oh by the way, who knew it would be a Manning Two-fer! If the Colts couldn't win I suppose having Peyton's little brother pull it out in the fourth quarter and keep Miami as the only team with a perfect season (Go Coach Shula, we love you man. I bet that champagne tasted awesome last night) was the next best thing.

The Mannings Rule!

I will also have to admit it was a lot of fun watching Tom Brady get sacked time, after time, after time.


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Mimi said...

I didn't like the first ETrade one, babies burping up isn't my thing. But, the clown was great.

My favorite was probably the Clydesdale Rocky takeoff. But, I also liked the Carrier pigeon one, and the Coke with the Macy's balloons.