Friday, February 15, 2008

Rest as a Spiritual Practice

Today a friend was telling me that she has been very weary lately. She has been unusually overscheduled for the last month because of her children, and has had some difficulty adjusting to the harried change in her normal routine. That has been coupled with some mental pause moments that are causing her to have less than adequate sleep at night.

I did tell her that there is something very rejuvenating about a quick afternoon nap. It helps me a lot, especially when the alternative is that I will be in an awful mood around the kids for the remainder of the evening.

What I should have told her was that rest is so very important that God elevated it to the level of a commandment. We NEED rest that much. A lack of good rest can cause all kinds of physical and mental issues and lack of rest coupled with stress in other areas of our lives can make for very dangerous situations.

Just this week in Spiritual Direction Fr. and I were discussing the spirit/mind/body connection. How can we be in a healthy spiritual place if we aren't in a healthy place mentally or bodily. We have to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves especially when our lives are extremely stressful. We are at our best when we take care of the all three areas of our lives.

Maybe what I will do is write my friend an email and send her a copy of this post. But first I think it is time for me to take a nap. I had a session with my trainer today and I am wiped out. Then I need to cook dinner for the family. We are having fish tonight because it is Friday, I am actually cooking fish all by myself. Wish me luck.


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