Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GO: Training Tuesday

So I am at the one month mark in my training regimen. I feel awesome. I work out with the weights four days a week (begining this week I am going to four days a week strength and cardio at the Y, up till now it was 3).

I can feel my body changing. I know that my clothes fit better, especialy my pants. Every pair of pants I own feel loose through the hips waist and thighs. I can feel changes in my abs as well, although after five pregnancies and two abdominal surgeries I am never expecting to have bikini abs again.

The annoying thing is, after four week of concentrated physical training, and two weeks of closely monitoring the types of food I am eating and cutting out all of the foods that cause me to gain weight ( in my case high simple carbohydrate foods) I don't seem to be losing any weight.

I am telling you that the scale is stalled on the exact same weight as when I began this journey. I haven't gained or lost an ounce (well I can't guarantee that as my scale isn't that precise, but I weight exactly the same to the half pound that I did four weeks ago.)

I am beginning to wonder if my inability to lose weight has something to do with the new arthritis medicine I am taking. I hate to not take it as it actually works and I am not in pain, but if the alternative is that I will begin to lose weight again maybe the trade off is worth it.

I think I should probably go and see my Dr. before I do anything as foolish as go off my medication as "an experiment". Maybe I am just building up muscle mass which is more dense than fat, and eventually when my metabolism gets this all figured out the weight loss will kick in. Maybe the lack of weight loss is being caused by another factor I'm not even aware of yet.

I know I am doing all the right things. You don't know how hard it has been for me to give up chocolate for the last week (because I am trying to limit my overall carb intake to as low as possible to see if I can jumpstart the weightloss). Being frustrated makes me want to eat a piece of chocolate all the more, but I have been very careful for the time being (I didn't even sample the yummy bars mrangelmeg gave me for Valentines day yet).

I have decided that I am going to give it till next Monday, and if I don't have any weight loss by then I am going to make an appointment with my Dr. to discuss options and figure this out, because I really do want to add weight loss to the whole "getting in shape" life change I am trying to set in motion. I will keep you posted.


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