Thursday, February 14, 2008

GO Thursday Theology (of sorts): The Calculus of Love

This being Valentines Day I wanted to share the beautiful sentiment that my loving Engineer husband mrangelmeg gave me in the card that I found in my car this morning. That is our tradition --leaving valentines cards in each other's cars to be found as we drive off on our respective ways on the morning of Valentines day.

His choice this year was out of the norm for him, one of those sentimental cards (usually he goes for the funny ones) it read:

A chance meeting

became a smile

became a conversation

became a touch

became a kiss

became a knowing

Then inside it reads became a destiny.

below that he wrote (with a nod to Back to the Future)

Angelmeg, You are my Density!

Density id defined as the ratio of Mass to the space occupied.

And ever since our first date to Mass you have occupied all the space in my heart!

.'. You are my Density Q. E. D.

I mean, It just makes a my heart flutter to think our love is important enough to him to qantify it in a calculus problem. Now that means a lot coming from an engineer.

Hope your one true love puts his or her feelings to that much thought. Oh and he remembered the chocolates too.


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