Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Ammended Lent (Already?)

So we are only at the first Sunday of Lent and I am already seeing that my Lenten Promise is going to take some ammending:

I had promised to give up being judgmental (something I struggle with mightily) for lent. After only the first three days I was totally aware that it was going to be utterly impossible for me to give up being judgmental cold turkey. As mrangelmeg says the first step is to admit that you have a problem.

So I have ammended my lenten promise. Now I am going to make myself aware of the times when I slip into a judgmental attitude and pray for God's grace and forgiveness at that exact moment. After a few days of adopting this new more prayerful attitude I have found that I am praying almost constantly, which while a bit sad, is not altogether a bad thing.

I heard a priest on a show on EWTN the other night say that one should ask God for a spirit of docility because a docile spirit is one that is teachable. So while I am becoming aware of how totally judgmental I am of others and asking God to break my stony judgmental heart and create in my a new, more compassionate heart I am trying, desperately to do it in the spirit of docility so that the lessons God is teaching me will stick and when I move through these forty days I will emerge at Easter having been made anew.

Hey stop laughing, it could happen!


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Ebeth said...

Not laughing at all...I feel your pain.

Be diligent!