Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blank Stares and even Blanker Pages

So, here I am.

I am sitting at work trying to do everything I need to do to get to the end of the year stuff, AND I have two papers and a project due in four weeks for my masters, AND I have an article due for the parish newsletter.

I am sitting here staring at the blank computer screen hoping for inspiration or wisdom or something to come along and hit me so that I can get something done.

I know what I am going to write my John theme or text paper on: the doubting Thomas story. So I got books out of the Saint Meinrad library on the Gospel of Thomas and the Thomasine community and the tension between the Johanine and Thomasine sects in the early 1st and 2nd century and as exciting and amazing as the reading has been I am more confused than ever and have no way of writing my analysis of why the author of John decided to include this story in this particular gospel account in just 1200 words. So, I sit here writing nothing.

So I move on to my project on 1 and 2 Timothy and I load powerpoint slides with information that I think will be informative to a class that I hope has at least tried to read the letters (who am I kidding I know I am counting on the projects to inform me enough so that I can get away without reading them myself). At least that part is going smoothly, until I get to the women be silent stuff.

So I move on to the other paper which I really can't start on account of I haven't exactly finished the second of the two books we were supposed to be comparing and contrasting.

So I try to write the newsletter article. What on earth do I want to say to a parish who is getting their third pastor in less than five months? Sigh.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the heart of me your servant, and give me something to fill up all these blank pages.

Maybe I should just call it a day and go grocery shopping on the way home.

OH NO!!!

Now I have to write a grocery list!

Will it ever end?


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Suzanne said...

To add to your "grocery list," did you hear about your show being cancelled? Man. Instead they are going to put up two shows that will simply undermine true spirituality! Figures, what else is new? They said they will appear to a younger groupt! :(