Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Holiday Pet Peeves

Christmas Vultures
those annoying people who stalk you in the parking lot so that they can have your space when you leave. It makes me want to throw my packages into my car and go back into the dang store just to make them mad.

Road Construction Right by the Mall
What engineering genius decided that it was the perfect time to limit the access road across from the mall to one lane during the busiest driving week of the entire stinking year? Oh wait a minute I think that genius might be my brother-in-law, sorry.

Super Needy Checkout People
You know the type, they get all the way to the check out, with fifteen people behind then and then decide that they have to reevaluate every decision they made on everything they think they want to buy, then they have to ask for different sizes, or want to use three credit cards in the transaction, so that a simple trip to the store ends up taking a freaking hour while the person in front of you talks to every manager on duty to get their order straight.

Politically Correct Greetings from Service People
When the person who is bagging my purchases wishes me Season's Greetings I just want to hurl. I suppose that is at least a little less offensive than Happy ChaunaChristmaKwanzaka!

Having said all that. I am happy to announce that: I am done Shopping this Christmas!!!!!

I have stood in my last line, dodged my last vulture and maneuvered around my last orange barrel. If anything else needs to be purchased between now and Christmas mrangelmeg will have to get it. I can't take anymore.

Time for my long winter nap. Or was that long winter nip?


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