Thursday, December 27, 2007

Finding God in the Struggle

My Friend Deacon John has a new blog called Me and Poindexter where he plans to share his cancer journey.

If the rest of the posts are anything like the first one it will be a very spiritual place for those who are struggling with cancer or for anyone else who is trying to find God in the mess in their daily life.

I was talking to John last week about this very topic (as we sat at the Jazz Factory): how blessed we become when even in our darkest times we are given the grace to see the fingerprints of God, no matter how faint, in our life. God is there with us in the mess and struggle, we just have the eyes of faith to look closely to see.

I am going to add John's new blog to my blog roll and follow his journey, and continue to bombard heaven with my prayers.

I hope a few of you will join me.


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