Monday, December 24, 2007

A Child Shall Lead Them Off On A Tangent

Yesterday our Associate Pastor had a wonderful homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent that centered around Joseph's ambitions as a young man, and how they must have taken such a strange turn when Mary told him that she was "with child". Joseph probably wanted what all other men wanted, and yet his life took a turn that he could have never expected and he was led on a journey that he could have never anticipated when he took Mary as his betrothed.

He brought this sentiment forward to our time and said that perhaps a child would change our plans in ways we would never expect when we make them, but if we follow the new path interesting things might happen for us.

Just that morning we discovered that what we had hoped was a very bad cold that the angelbaby had been struggling with since the middle of last week was in fact strep throat, which has drastically changed our plans for the holidays because she can't be around anyone until we are sure she isn't contagious, so we had to split up for Mass on Sunday, and she and I had to stay home from the Mrangelmeg family Christmas dinner tonight.

She was really sad because this is one of the few times she gets to see her cousin (whom she has always called "tickle boy" with great affection since she could talk because he has chased her around and tickled her until she could barely breathe) and his wife. She even made him a gift in art class this year and won't get to see him open it.

She and I had a quiet dinner and then we were going to open our gifts from Grandma (mrangelmeg's mom,) but in my rush to get everything packed up for mrangelmeg to take to the party, I accidentally put her gift from Grandma in the bag with the other gifts (they had all been under our tree because I had wrapped them for mrangelmeg's mom.). So she even has to wait until they all get back from the party to open her present.

So she is off in the office surfing the net and I am back here writing this post. Everyone should be back in about two hours and then we are going to open our presents.

At least she is feeling well enough that she thinks the will be able to go to Mass in the morning. She is supposed to be altar Server. The Dr. said she had to be on antibiotics 24 hours to not be contagious and she will have been on them for about 36 by Mass time.

Hope everyone else is having a peaceful Christmas.


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