Monday, February 28, 2005

My Little Trumpet Playing Angel

The Angelbaby has been taking trumpet lessons from a wonderful teacher. He is a grad student at the University and his teaching style is so great. He has moved her along quite smoothly so that now when she picks up the trumpet she actually makes notes every time she blows into it.

She just loves her teacher. She is so proud of herself when she can copy his sound. His praise is immediate, which helps her grow in confidence and strength as she tackles each new challenge he puts before her.

Watching them in her lesson today it struck me that there is something very spiritual about the care he takes in his teaching. It is easy to see that not only does he feel called to music, but he loves performing and teaching. He is passing on his love for what he does to the Angelbaby.

I asked the Angelbaby today if she still liked playing the trumpet, and practicing every day. "Duh mom." she replied "You said I had to take it for a whole year. It hasn't even been a year yet and I know I love it." She wants to take it into school so that she can show her class what she has learned already. Won't that be fun for the other second graders? Maybe I should talk to her teacher first!


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Suzanne said...

Well now, let's see...angelbaby can play the trumpet and Shane can play the drums and maybe, well, just maybe we are on to something here..........well, maybe not. :)
Tee-hee...tell angelbaby...good going!