Thursday, February 24, 2005

Please Join me in Prayer

I have been listening to reports from Rome that Our Holy Father Pope John Paul II is back in the hospital. He has so courageously shown us how to live with adversity, and now he is showing us how to die with dignity.

Pray with me that the Lord will comfort him in this time of illness and distress and if it be God's will, that he be healed and remain with us here on earth because we love him and need his guidance.

Just Tuesday we celebrated the Feast of the Chair of Peter, at which we commemorate that God in His infinite wisdom gave us a human leader to be the final authority about issues of faith and morals. Our present Pope has said many things in his time that would not make the more liberal minded people of this world very happy. It isn't the Pope's job to make people happy it is his job to keep them safe from falling into sin and wrong thinking.

I read once that John Paul II spends two hours each morning in private prayer for the church and all its members, and for all people in the world. Can't we offer him some prayer in return?


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