Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Steamy Love Notes

I don't think this essay will be about what you think it will be about. I couldn't resist the title though.

Mrangelmeg and I have been sending each other rather steamy love notes the past few months by way of the Bathroom Mirror. If you write with your finger on the glass then when you take a shower, the steam fogs up the mirror everywhere except where the oil from your finger is left behind.

Sometimes the notes are sweet or cute and very easy to read. Sometimes you really have to do some translating to try to figure out what the writer intended. If you don't clean the glass very well you can get some interesting combinations of two or three sayings overlapping. Yesterday I was sure the note read: "I loves kisses just as more today than forever." That one really made me scratch my head for a while before I realized that about every other word the handwriting changed.

It is just another of those cute sentimental tricks we use to communicate with each other when we are both so busy that we really don't have any meaningful time to spend together. It's all part of that Marriage Maintenance Agreement that we struck with each other. If we both work on the relationship it can't possibly fall apart.

Marriage is very hard work, but ultimately it is so worth the effort that we put into it. I think perhaps it is time to get out the windex and really clean the glass on the mirror though, so we can communicate more clearly.


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