Monday, January 31, 2005

God Carefully Orders Our Steps

Tonight the angelbaby and I received a great lesson in how carefully God orders our steps. We were driving home after her trumpet lesson, and a Green SUV in front of us made a few erratic movements and then parked by the side of the street. We drove around it and continued on our way.

A few blocks down the street, I felt as though I needed to go in another direction and for some reason I turned right onto a one way street. It was as if I was on auto pilot. I turned left at a stop light and then left again at the next stop light, it was when I was back to the stop light a few blocks west of where we turned right, that I said out loud, "How silly of me, we just drove blocks out of our way for no reason at all."

As we continued down the street we saw a comotion up ahead of us. As we passed, I realized that there was a green SUV rammed up against a tree on the front lawn of a business. It was the same SUV that had been in front of us just a few blocks back.

The Angelbaby in her inocent trusting faith said to me."Mommy, it wasn't your fault that you went out of our way, God sent you out of our way to protect us from that man in that car." By this time I was a bit shaky. If I had stayed on that same street after having passed that car when it was over by the curb I am sure that I would have been directly in its path.

Praise God that no one else's car was in its path. Praise God that we saw the driver getting out of the crashed SUV and he seemed to not be harmed. Praise God for making me turn when I needed to be out of the way of the oncoming SUV. Praise God that the angelbaby was so in tune with how marvelously God works that she could see it was God's hand that turned the wheel instead of mine.

God is so Good!!!! All the time.



Suzanne said...

Thank God my friend and her angelbaby were not hurt!

Heather said...

All the time. God is Good!

I never ceased to be amazed the way God guides our lives. I'm relieved to hear that you and your angelbaby are safe. Hopefully the driver of the green SUV is as well.