Thursday, January 06, 2005


In my previous post I mentioned that most people don't make very great choices between the ages of 13 and 25. I want to make it clear that I chose that age range without respect to my own personal life choices.

It was pointed out to me last night by mr angelmeg that I met and married him while still within that age range. Since I am still living with that choice (happily so I might add) it might make one think that I was saying that my choice to marry mr angelmeg wasn't the right choice in my life.

So, I want it to go on record for the entire world to read (well all two people who actually read this sight anyway) that meeting, falling in love with and marrying mr angelmeg were all very good choices. The lasting effect of those choices on my life has been completely positive. I can't imagine that any other choice would have allowed me to fulfill God's plan for my life.

I love you, mr angelmeg. See now the whole world -- well at least two people in the whole world -- can be a witness to my public statement of affection for you. After all, accountability is everything.


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Suzanne said...

This one of the two does know how much you love that man! May God continue to bless your marriage and family. Hey, maybe more than two read your notes. :) I don't think anybody reads mine...I am too wordy! Ha! Have a great day Mrs. Angelmeg!