Friday, January 28, 2005

Be Patient, God Isn't Through With Me Yet

Today is the beginning of one of my course weekends for this semester. I drove down here and got settled into my room. Then I went down to the bookstore and bought the textbooks. Oh wait a minute, we were supposed to have read all three textbooks, (including one that is ll00 pages long) before we got here this weekend! Oops!

Anyway, I looked through the books and am happy to say that in my work I have encountered at least some of the information covered in the books. Whew, I won't look like a complete fool tomorrow when class starts.

It is really nice to know a little something about a lot of subjects. That is what they used to call a well rounded education. It makes one capable of carrying on intelligent conversations with people in many arena's. It gives one confidence.

Unfortunately for some people, the minute they gain any knowledge about any subject they immediately become an expert on said subject. I must admit, I have fallen into this trap a time or two, but I have learned after many humbling experiences that the more I learn the less I know. Especially in my area of work and study; namely theology and spirituality. I know what I have learned, and I know what God has revealed to me, but I can't begin to presume to know what God has revealed to someone else.

I think that is why we are cautioned time and time again to "judge not". We have no idea where the person is in their journey of faith, and we have no idea what God is doing in their life. If they get on our nerves or seem abrasive or pushy, we have to remember that God loves them just the way they are. We should also keep in mind that they are a work in progress, just as we are. God isn't through with them yet either.

I really hope that my friends love me enough to let me know when I am being push or overbearing. We may not like to hear our faults, but I know I would much rather have it be a friend who tells me to lighten up or shut up or whatever it is I need to do, than for it to be my boss, or superior or professor.

I know that I have had to work on this in my own life, with varying degrees of success. I know that in some areas I have a long way to go, I only wish the lessons weren't quite so humbling. But truly, the only way to learn humility is to be humbled. It just ain't something you can read about in a book.


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