Wednesday, March 09, 2011

When I Feel as Though I Should Be Doing Something . . .

why is it that prayer never seems to be enough?

I am sitting here just having heard some very devastating news about one of my dear friends; someone as close to me as one of my brothers, who is clinging to life and may not last the night.  I was told that no action is expected of me at this point, I needn't rush to his bedside in another state because he is surrounded by family.  Someone else is taking the responsibility of calling our little circle of friends, so I have no one to call.

I have nothing for my hands and mind to do that will help my friend in his time of great need.  I know that he is not fearing this last journey but I regret that I didn't find the time to see him one last time before the end.  We were supposed to all get together next weekend for our semi-annual weekend gathering.

So, I am sitting here, with nothing to do but pray, which in truth is so much that I can do for my friend, but somehow in the darkness of this night it seems like my words are so small.

God, be with my dear friend tonight as he comes to you.  Help him to let go of this mortal world and enter into his final rest.  Be with his family as they deal with his loss and absence in their lives.




Ebeth said...

Meg, so sorry to hear this, how difficult this is.

Remember to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for him.

God bless you!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Prayers for your friend. Lord have mercy!