Monday, March 07, 2011

My Lenten Journey: What I Will be Reading Along the Way

                       Our Parish Spiritual LIfe Committee offered each of us a chance to journey with a saint this Lent, and I chose my Patron, St Margaret Mary Alacoque (until I was 10 I thought the church had named a saint after me, then I read about her in A Child's Book of The Saints.  

I had never read her autobiography though so this Lent I will be reading that to journey with her throughout  these upcoming 40 days.

The other book Small Surrenders is one I have read before. It was recommended to us by Fr. Bill our Pastor who just left us for a new job at the Chancery.  I thought that I might not miss him as much if I re-read this wonderful book of wisdom on how important learning to let go of the small things every day really is to the spiritual life.

So,  that is what I will be reading.  What are you planning for this lent?                                   

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