Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Another Book I am Reading This Lent

So I had chosen two books for Lent; enough reading for most "normal" people.

Then last night I made the mistake (or God chose the moment)  to pick up a copy of Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution and a Rational Faith by Cristoph Cardinal Schonborn.  By the first sentence I was hooked.

So I guess I am now reading three books this Lent,  because there is no way I can ingest this amazing work on Fat Tuesday or leave it on my shelf till Easter Monday.

I may just post a few gems I find in it from time to time because you all deserve to be  awed by this amazing work as well.

For instance (the first paragraph no less):

On the first page of the Bible we find "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Gen.1:1)  Believing in God the creator, believing that he created heaven and earth, is the beginning of belief.  That is how the Creed begins.  That is the foundation on which everything else that Christians believe is based.  Believing in God, and not believing that he is the Creator, would mean -- as Thomas Aquinas once said -- "not believing that God exists at all"  Belief in God as Creator is the foundation for all the other things we believe: that Jesus Christ is Savior, that there is a Holy Spirit, that there is a Church, and an eternal life.

Wow;   just wow.  Trust me, it gets better from there.

So,  I will be reading The good Austrian Cardinal along with my other two books for Lent.

God is so good.


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