Monday, March 21, 2011

God is so Good

I was sitting at the Dr.'s office this morning awaiting a visit from my Dr. and reading my daily devotional that I had chosen (see post below) for Lent.  It was very interesting because the message in the post was about the problem of pain and over the weekend I got a really painful cut on the ball of my foot .

I wasn't even going to mention it to the Dr. because I was actually there for something else and the cut itself is healing nicely, although it still hurts when I walk on it too much.  But then I came across a sentence in the reading about  how sometimes pain is God's way of getting our attention.  So I decided to simply mentioned that I had cut my foot over the weekend and the Dr. checked my chart and it turns out that I am way overdue for a tetanus booster.  

If I hadn't been reading the devotional in the Dr.'s office I probably wouldn't have mentioned the cut and who knows what the consequence of my ignoring the pain might have been.

God is good, all the time.


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