Monday, March 07, 2011

Mother Dolores does it again . . .

Just yesterday, my daughters and I watched the wonderful old movie Where the Boys Are, staring among the young cast the radiant Dolores Hart.

It gave me a chance to tell my daughters the story of how in 1963 at the height of her career in Hollywood, Miss Hart left it all behind to join a cloistered Benedictine Monastery in Connecticut.  She chose a higher calling.  The code of the Catholic mother is to never let a vocations lesson slip by.

Today I read another story about Mother Dolores.  Again she is using her life experience to teach us all a valuable lesson;  this time about finding God through pain and disability.  One of my favorite quotes from the article is:

 You have to become dependent on the gift of human beings, and you discover that God is an incarnate reality. In the beginning, God was always a pie-in-the-sky reality. Now I had to realize that Jesus was there through the people who were assisting me, caring for me and doing the things that were bringing me through. That metanoia had to take place in me to submit to the gift of others.”

We must learn to find God in other people.  This is the gift Mother Dolores got from her illness.  Maybe through her some of us won't have to be ill to receive this gift. 


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