Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy are they . . .

Back when I was a catechist the fifth grade teacher taught a lesson on the Sermon on the Mount.  She had the kids in her class draw pictures to illustrate what Jesus was trying to teach.  On one of the pictures, a student wrote the heading:

The Beautitudes

There was something so perfect about the malapropism that it has stuck with me all these years later.  Happy are the poor in spirit,  Happy are they that mourn,  Happy are the persecuted. . .   how beautiful it is to follow after the will of the Lord.

As I am working on the difficult changes that God has asked of me in my life:  my husband's job, the death of my mother,  changes at my beloved parish, my daughter moving so far away from home,  learning how to parent young adult children into healthy whole lifestyles;  I continue to remember the lesson I learned all those years ago from that wonderful young girl.  

Following after the Lord, wherever He leads me is all part of the Beautitudes.  My life is beautiful and I am happy in my surrendering to the will of God, even when it means I will mourn, or be meek,   misunderstood, or persecuted .  

In my weakness I will find the strength I need, because He has promised it to me. 

Have a Beautiful day.


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Owen said...

I recall an old time Pentecostal preacher call the Beatitudes by that same malapropism. Hand't thought of it in years. God bless you as you endure the changes you must endure and may our Lord grow his beauty in you.