Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Lie of Choice

I know women who have had abortions.

Each one of them felt at the time  that there was no support from family, or the father of the child for them to do anything else.

They did not make the decision lightly.

They felt trapped.

They made the decision to abort because they had no other choice.

To a woman,  each and every one regrets what they did, and mourns the life of the child they killed.

Not one of the women I know was offered any kind of post-abortion counseling from the clinic which "provided" them with the service.

A few truths to ponder.



leftbanker said...

Abortion is a truly loathsome form of birth control but I’m sure that there are countless women who have had abortions that don’t regret that awful decision. You don’t have to look very far to see the devastation brought on by unwanted, unplanned, and un-cared for children. There isn’t too much counseling for the young girls who have given birth and remained children themselves. I just wish that we could somehow make pregnancy impossible until the age of about 25 or so. Childbirth before this age is simply a tragedy for most women and in many cases becomes a life sentence and a condemnation to the vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty.

angelmeg said...

I wasn't speaking in generalities. I was speaking in specifics of the women I know personally. I don't know a single woman who does not regret the abortion she had.

I agree that pregnancy at a young age is wrong but I disagree that there are unwanted babies in the world. There are more stable couples seeking adoption than there are babies to be adopted. Every child born (or that could be born) is a wanted child by someone.

Suzanne said...

leftbanker, my mom would not have had her first 2 daughters if she had been sterile until 25 years of age. My two older sisters have been absolutely wonderful people. Those are just two examples. Are you thinking you have a right to be God by making such a blatant wish? Who do you think you are making such a statement? I wonder how old your own mother was? I wonder if you have older siblings who you would count their lives as nothing had your mother delivered them before the age of 25? Come on, surely you have to be making a sick joke..whatever it is, where is your heart? If you care so much, use your energies to help kids who need more..life is about many things we are asked to do sometimes..maybe you are being asked whether you want to or not. I don't know....