Monday, January 24, 2011

Living In The Light

Darkness hides things.  Illumination brings knowledge.  Knowledge is power and truth.

One of the tactics of the Pro-life movement that has been reviled by many is the use of images of both pre-born infants by way of ultrasound, and pictures of the tiny dead bodies of aborted babies.  

In many states Pro-life workers have tried desperately to make the viewing of an ultrasound of the "product of conception" a part of the pre-abortion appointment.  This is because we are sure that once a mother sees her child it will be less likely that she will "choose" to kill that child for any reason. 

The other side fights desperately to keep this image from having to be revealed to the mother.  Keeping the mother in the dark, and allowing her to continue to think of her baby as "products of conception"  is a way to depersonalize the baby.  That will make it easier for the mother to "choose" to take action against it without thinking about it as a person who will die by her actions.

The womb is supposed to be a safe place.  Safe passage for the developing baby, not a place where the child is in danger of being ripped to pieces because he or she is an inconvenience.  Many women (and some men) who experienced abortion feel crushing regret, and trauma from the experience.

If we keep showing the pictures of the pre-born, and help the parents to see their child as a child and not something less than human we can't but help to become a more compassionate society.

We need to let the light shine in (or in this case sound waves shine their light).  


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Suzanne said...

Good posts on abortion and pro-life..on the walk the other day, there was a homemade sign by one of Monica's said Pray for peace in the womb..I believe. I love that. Many people in our own Church cry for no war and peace..many forget the war in the womb. Yes, may there be peace in the womb of all mothers..peace.