Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snopocalypse my Eye, We're Having an Icetastrophy

 If you are anywhere in the Midwest then you know that we are being buried.  Those to the north of us are being covered with snow, but down here in South Central Indiana we are being blanketed with a really thick layer of ice.

The treas look really cool but the roads are treacherous and schools and businesses are closing all over the place.  20,000 Hoosiers are without power, luckily we here at Geene Acres still have our power.

We did lose a big limb off of the 100 plus year old Oak tree in the back yard.  That is gonna take a lot of work to clean up.  I just hope that we don't have too many more trees go down over the next few days.

We are all home and safe and I made sure that I got a lot of foods that could be eaten without being cooked or cooked on the camp stove, so we should be okay if the power goes out here over night.  I don[t know how warm we will stay here, but we do have a fireplace downstairs and can sleep down there if we have to.

I remember an ice storm like this back when I was in high school.  But back then schools were closed for nearly a month what with one storm or another.  Heaven forbid I hope this one isn't quite that  bad.

Tomorrow is Groundhog day.  We will either be having Salad or Groundhog steak for dinner depending on if the stupid over-sized rodent sees his shadow or not.  It is entirely his call.

Stay warm everyone.


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