Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Or in this case, the truth is scaring so called "women's rights groups." to the point that they are clamoring to get it off the air.

The truth in question is the story of the fifth pregnancy of Pam Tebow, which included a life threatening illness and drug therapy that was dangerous to the growing baby inside her. When her Dr.'s suggested that she would be better off to abort the child for her own good and the good of the possibly "damaged" child, she chose to allow the child to be born, trusting that whatever the outcome of the pregnancy, God was in control and she and her husband could handle whatever was to come. Of course, we all know the outcome was a healthy baby who grew up to be a strong Christian voice in a very secular world.

This is the story that is going to be told during a Superbowl commercial. Interesting that women's groups are calling this story one that "uses sports to divide."

Interesting (as this article states) that these same women's groups have been silent about the objectification of women that is rampant among many other Superbowl ads.

Go figure.


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