Friday, January 08, 2010

Middle Aged Spirituality

So one of the books I have to read this semester for my internship concerns the topic of Spirituality for the transitional (middle) age. The book I read was Passage Through Mid Life by Paul Robb SJ.

The book was a total revelation for me. Fr. Robb discusses how fear can keep us from growing closer to God or becoming what God wants us to be. We, if we want a relationship with God and to become the "best version of ourselves" we need to find out where that fear is coming from and root it out.

In some cases, the fear comes from something that happened in our childhood. Our development as an emotionally, spiritually whole person gets stuck where the fear became so overwhelming that we can no longer grow in wisdom and favor with God (Luke 2:52).

What we need to do is go back and deal with that inner child . We need to try to heal whatever caused that fear and hurt in that child so that we can grow beyond it. By caring for our inner child, we can become emotionally and spiritually whole as an adult.

It might sound like psychobabble, but it makes sense from a Christian perspective. Jesus tell us that if we are willing to become as humble as a little child we will be the greatest in His kingdom. (Mat 18:4). How humbling is it to revisit our childhood hurts and traumas and work on making ourselves stronger, and more whole? When we humble ourselves in the site of the Lord, He will lift us up.

So, what fear is holding you back? Where do you need to care for your inner child so that God can lift you up and grant you the abundant life you so richly deserve? Get to work.



victor said...

I find my inner child a hand full of cells at this moment in time but God has given me, myself and I an Eternity to care for him so I ask, why the rush :)

Mimi said...

Wow, what a great point.

Suzanne said...

So true. Sometimes we know what we know what we know. There are reasons we do or act the way we do at times and sometimes even when you know, it is a difficult fight. I am sure we each have things that we have never shared with one another that has happened in our past and sometimes it is another clear and good reason not to be too hard on another person because we don't know...still try to think it all out and then give it all to God..knowing He wants to help and give us mercy..we are like His little children all over again and He will helps us to deal with these things and grow with grace. Good post. Thanks.