Saturday, April 12, 2008

Graduation Keeps Getting Closer

I am sending out Graduation Announcements today and it occurred to me that the official date of my Gradual School Graduation is less than a month away! I got my class ring (see picture) in the mail this week and have been wearing it ever since (thank you mrangelmeg, it is the best birthday present I could have ever asked for).

We even got confirmation of our housing arrangements for graduation weekend since we are staying down on "The Hill" for the weekend to make it less stressful on me. Mrangelmeg, the angelbaby and I are driving down on Friday and meeting up with one of my closest friends Friday evening for some good times. We promised to take the angelbaby to The Unstable --what they call the campus bar (if you know anything about the Rule of Benedict you might get the little inside joke in the name of the bar).

The other four kids are driving down on Saturday and joining us for the festivities the day of graduation and we secured another suite for them so that they can stay over Saturday night and don't have to drive back until Sunday.
We are hoping to find a place to have a little informal get together on Saturday evening for Lay Students and families, we haven't decided where that will be yet, or what that will entail, but it will all get worked out in the next few weeks.
I still have a few gifts to purchase, and a special little surprise that I have planned to hand out to everyone, I have to pick that up the week before graduation so that they are fresh. (hint, something I am well known for people will miss when I am gone).
I keep trying to decide what to wear to graduation, I suppose I could just wear something I already own, after all it will be under a cap and gown for the official ceremony. I have threatened to wear this , but considering the reception the last time I wore it when I was down there it might not be such a good choice. They might decide to withhold my diploma.

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