Monday, April 28, 2008

Dream Weaver . . . Can Anyone Help me Interpret This Dream

So I had this dream the other night, and I woke up feeling really cold and confused. I would love for someone with some dream interpretation skills to help me unravel the meaning. I did look a few things up on Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary, but I still don't have it all worked out.

I was at my gradual school in one of the suites where we have stayed when I have gone down for a class weekend. There were a bunch of my classmates and I sitting around having what appeared to be a party (which we did often enough in the evenings after class was over). Through the open door I saw my family in a room across the hall. I tried to walk toward them but instead I found myself bumping into what appeared to be a large mirror. So what I was actually looking at was behind me, when I turned around to reach my family I was confronted by yet another mirror, in fact I was then surrounded on all sides by mirror images of myself.

I stood, pounding on the mirrors, because I was trapped in the mirrored box. Just as suddenly as I was hemmed in, I was released from the box; it had been a trick played on me by one of my classmates. It was at that point that I woke up feeling cold and confused.

Any insight into what this dream means would be greatly appreciated.



Rufus McCain said...

You are conflicted over a sense that going to gradual school is/was in some ways a selfish act that has separated you from your family? Mirrored box = focus on self. But then the mirrored box turns out to be just a joke fabricated by your classmates at this party; so you there is nothing really preventing you from reaching your family, except they aren't really there across the hall. They're back at home. So the mirrored box/joke is an image of gradual school itself, where your focus is on self-development and self-reflection apart from your family. The fact that your classmates concocted the mirrored box as a joke is interesting. It seems like they are functioning as something like the chorus in classical drama, commenting on your inner conflict between love for your family and pursuit of self-development through gradual school; which perhaps was sometimes the case at these after-class parties where you would be talking about your family with your classmates. Or something.

angelmeg said...

That sounds plausible, especially considering I did have a plan for using the degree when I began but now six days from graduation I have no clue how I will use my Masters Degree in Theology.

Thanks for the insight.