Saturday, April 19, 2008

God is in His Heaven . . .

and all is right with the world.

Mrangelmeg made it home safely from his TDY. Hopefully he will be able to stay at home for a while before he has to venture out again. We may not know until next week or so. The angelbaby was really struggling , but was determined to be awake when he got home. Lucky for her he made good time and was home well before midnight.

Have a restful Lord's day.

We are going to a Byzantine Liturgy presided at by one of my Gradual School Professors. He is a monk of the abbey attached to my Gradual School and an awesome liturgist so we are really looking forward to it. I will post more about that tomorrow.


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Gashwin said...

Oh do blog about the liturgy. Which particular rite is this? You know my love for the East!

Glad your hubbie is back safe and sound.