Monday, April 07, 2008

A Promising Career Perhaps?

The angelbaby took part in a Mock Trial today. For the past twelve weeks she has had Law Students at her school teaching her class the finer points of Civil Court Case Law. The final exercise was today's mock trial at which she took the part of the Plaintiff's attorney.

The trial revolved around an alleged slush ball mugging of Calvin by Susie. The angelbaby took her job very seriously. She spent much time going over the depositions of all of the witnesses and thinking about which questions she would ask.

The judge was one of the Law School Professors. He ruled for the Plaintiff in the amount of $9000 to cover medical costs and damages. She said the judge also said that she would make a very good lawyer. (Just what we need to hear, that we will have to pay for law school down the road, oh joy).

I have no doubt about her making a good lawyer, she was reading a Calvin an Hobbes book over the weekend and showed me a cartoon panel that showed Calvin contemplating hitting Susie with a slush ball and talking to Hobbes about it. She told me that she didn't think it would be a good idea to bring that to court with her on Monday. It makes a mother proud to know that her baby already knows how to suppress evidence. I told her that she should be sure to tell her law student that she had found the comic strip after the trial, because he would get a kick out of knowing how savvy she really had been.

I am glad she got the opportunity to give this a try, even if she never goes into law it can't hurt to know her way around a court room. For now, can't she just stay a little kid for a while longer, please?

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