Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Sad but Necessary Trip

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving to drive up to where I grew up to attend the funeral of my Aunt. This trip while very sad is also necessary. Family needs family around them at a time like this and my cousin and I were very close growing up.

My brother is already there and will be meeting my sister (whom I am picking up on the way) and I when we get there tomorrow afternoon. There will be many blessings on this trip, one of which is that this will be a Catholic funeral. I think I have blogged before about my aversion to funerals in other denominations. There is something both sad and joyful about a Mass of Christian Burial. It is one of the things we Catholics do right.

I will be driving back on Tuesday after the funeral. I am hoping to stop by the cemetery where my dad is buried at some point in this short trip. It has been probably ten years since the last time I visited his grave site.

I am going to pack my reading, but who knows (or cares really ) if I will actually have the time to read any of it.

I really don't like long driving trips. I am hoping that I can convince my sister to drive part of the way both ways.

Keep me in your prayers.



Gashwin said...

Will say a prayer, especially with the community at Lauds tomorrow.

Safe travels.

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Prayers sent.


Mimi said...

Travel safely.