Friday, February 10, 2006

What is Love?

This weekend is the weekend of World marriage Day. I wanted to write something about the topic of love to honor that special day. Especially now when marriage is being attacked.

My marriage is a vocation. My husband and I were called by God to our vocation as surely as our parish priest was called by God to his vocation. From the moment we met God has been a central focus of our relationship. Our first date was to Mass.

One thing we have learned over the years we have been together is that love isn't a feeling. Love is a commitment; love is action. Each day I wake up and know that I will have to actively love my husband, there isn't room for passivity around here. And each day I am sure that he will actively be loving me in return.

I am so blessed to know that he is in my life, making sure that I am growing into the completely authentic person God intended for me to be. Without him I would never be able to become who God wanted me to become. You see our vocation is a dual one, we have to accomplish it together.

After all these years, he still knows how to make me laugh, and my heart still beats a little faster when I hear his car pull into the garage, because I know he is home, and we can be together again.

We are going out on a date tonight. Just the two of us. No kids. We may even eat in a restaurant with paper menu's. Or go to the expensive movie. Who knows. For me, the most important thing will be that we are together.

I hope that you take the time this weekend to tell your spouse that you love him or her. If you don't have a spouse and would like one some day I pray that you find one that is as loving as mine. If you have been called to another vocation, I pray that your vocation is as satisfying as mine has been and continues to be.


For a touching look at the male perspective on World Marriage Day read what Tony wrote at Catholic Pillow Fight


mrangelmeg said...

Awww!! I love you, sweetie!!!

Tony said...

You're making me blush! :)