Monday, February 20, 2006

Hard Work and Prayers

I have a dear friend Judy who is dealing with colon cancer right now. Her biggest problem at this moment is that because of her compromised immune system she cannot leave her house except to receive treatments. She is practically stir crazy except for the stack of books I sent over for her to read, and the phone calls she receives from her friends and family.

To me she is the bravest woman on the face of the earth. She spent a month in the hospital in October and November with horrible intestinal problems, and she counts them as blessings because while she was being totally purged of everything inside of her, part of her tumor was swept from her colon as well. She also spent a week talking about God to the woman who shared her hospital room.

Anyway, I spent about an hour on the phone with Judy today talking about everything and nothing. It was so nice just to hear her cheery voice and know that even in her state she still has that wonderful laugh that can make me feel like there is nothing in this world that can possibly be so wrong that God can't fix it.

I am going to have to put together another box of books though, because the ones I gave her in January have all been read. I think I will tuck in a few of my Theology textbooks this time. That should give her something to help her sleep.

If you have a few extra prayers this week, say one for Judy. She deserves them. I really can't imagine what this world would be like if she isn't down here with us.

But then again when she leaves us down here I can imagine what she will be like up there. The first thing she will do is rearrange heaven's library so that she will be able to find all of the books she never had time to read while she was down here.


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