Monday, February 06, 2006

Somebody Wake Me Up, Please!!!

This Story has to be a bad dream.

I am still reeling, and trying not to hurl. Please someone tell me the Vatican won't let this happen. But then, one never knows how God will work. Personally I am too cynical to see anything but a ploy on the part of Mr Jackson to clean up his image by association.

We do live in interesting times.

A nod to Peeping Thomists for the link.



Suzanne said...

I heard about this from Sue. Oh...PULEEZE! Spare us! Is this for real?

tom said...

A B C...easy as one two three...Michael can't even live in the US of A anymore,but that doesn't mean his publicists quit working his gravy train...more of this will be seen as he tries to worm his way into's all about the $$$$

Suzanne said...

Tom has to be right.