Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Be kind to the Needy

So I have this , well I don't think I can actually call him a friend, or an acquaintance even, fellow blogger that I have come to know on the internet, and he has a thing going on on his site called:

Like a Ninja Day

It sounded like fun, and I really enjoy reading through his stuff because he does have a twisted view of the world. I think it may be from the train fumes there in the Donegal Express Station House.

I do plan to vote for him at the Catholic Blog Awards. And I encourage all of you to do so as well. It just isn't a pretty sight to see a grown man cry.


1 comment:

Rick Lugari said...

If you include "Like a moron" in a post, I'll let you vote for me - heck...I'll even let you give me a plug. ;)