Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shameless Self-promotion Delayed by Hurricane Katrina

Today was the day I was going to participate in an act of shameless self-promotion and ask you all to redirect your browsers to Hereditas Magazine because I happen to have an article in the fall issue. I have been anxiously awaiting the publication of this for months now as it is the second piece I have had accepted for publication in the past year, and I was looking so forward to getting some reaction from my two loyal readers.

But now, sadly I find that hurricane Katrina has delayed the site feed going on-line (it was supposed to happen on Friday); they are in Louisiana after all. Even cyberspace is a victim of the devastation.

Oh well, this is a humbling experience for me. It is such a little thing I have lost in comparison to those who have lost everything, even their lives and the lives of those they love. So I can lose this little thing without whining, or complaining. But someday soon I do hope that you will all get to read my article. Until then say an extra prayer for those who are still trying to recover from Katrina, and those who are trying to help in the recovery efforts.



Rick Lugari said...

Bummer, Maggie. Congratulations nevertheless. Make sure you post about it again when it is up.

Maureen Martin said...

Yeah, congratulations.

Your title was funny, btw.