Friday, September 30, 2005

A Gift From My Daughter

My 17 year old daughter has a communication disorder which falls under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorders. She rarely communicates with me in anything longer than single word sentences unless it is a dire necessity. She can speak, and does so to many people, in a monotone that sounds a bit like Ben Stein; schollarly and flat at once. She has an amazing intellect, but to most people she looks like a very handicapped young woman because she can't sit still for very long. She paces and talks to herself and hates places that are loud or crowded.

One of her aboslute favorite things to do is to surf the internet. She finds the most amazing web sites, and through her brother and sisters, sometimes I get a glimpse of the places she finds. I want to share one of her finds with you all because I found it so amazing that I went back to it twice to reread the entire series.

It pains me to think that there are people in the world who see my daughter as damaged or sub-normal. I find her amazingly interesting, and learn new things from her almost every day.

Follow this link for a peak into my daughter's world.



Suzanne said...

Your daughter always has been a gift ... just like your other children to me. Did I tell you that she spoke to me very clearly for the first time at Teresa's cookout party? I mean she always smiles and seems to know me just fine, but she spoke to me and I was completely honored and thrilled. :)

As far as what is required of future teachers and this class I was writing about, I was told it was an absolute requirement! I am truly upset about doesn't look good, doesn't look good. Yes, ACLU should hear about it, but do you and I really think they would take up the case considering they are almost without fail completely overly liberal. Still, people need to try and do something and awareness and education to one another until we are willing to rebel more is all I know to do. Keep informing people. If we sit by in complete silence, it will definitely continue onward.

Anonymous said...

I loved this and am forwarding this to my friend too.

be blessed :)