Thursday, March 31, 2005

RIP Dear Sister

Terri Schiavo lost her battle to stay alive today. Her husband got his wish, she starved to death. An interesting end to a life that was plagued with weight loss issues, especially if the supposition is true that bulimia caused the health problem that led to her previous state.

I just think it is so sad that a man, who had no interest whatsoever in her being alive --after all he had another woman and children so one could hardly call him the faithful husband -- was the voice that the courts took to be hers. Why not the voice of her parents?

I guess what this teaches us is that you had better have it in writing and then have it notarized if you don't want someone to starve you to death.

If they had taken her Catholic faith into the equation perhaps then they would have seen that no extraordinary means does not extend to food and water. If food and water are the only things needed to sustain life then as Catholics we aren't just encouraged to continue to allow the person to live, we are bound to continue to feed and hydrate.

I am saddened by this news in a way I can hardly express. I grieve for her as a dear friend, whom I have loved and prayed for over many years now.


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