Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Little Perspective on an Insane Situation

Thanks to the recent death of Superman (Christopher Reeve) fetal stem cell research is back in the news in a big way. Now we have his grieving widow all over television saying it is so compassionate that we should "harvest these little proto-humans so that men like her husband might be able to walk again someday. She says they need that kind of hope.

The only hope any of us needs is a hope in the Life to come. Nothing on this world should hold us here, even the hope of a longer life. Messing around with DNA to prolong a life given by God doesn't seem to me to be any way to show our Creator that we think he knows what he is doing in the constant act of creating the world we live in.

Up until now, stem cell research has yet to cure any current disease or condition. There has been the argument that the abortion industry creates hundreds of thousands of fetuses which could be put to use in harvesting stem cells for this research. As if that will justify or give some higher purpose to the act of killing these innocent children. I have had two miscarriages, one, was eleven weeks gestational age and I actually held in my palm. This was no mass of undifferentiated tissue, this was a child; my child. To think that children of this same gestational age will become medical research material is so ghoulish to me.

What this whole debate comes down to is that people are afraid of death and will grasp at any straw they can find to hold on to this life. I think people are so afraid of death because they don't know what life is all about. They don't have the real life that only comes from loving God completely and wanting his will. Even if God's will means watching someone you love die.

I have only had one person very close to me die, my father died when I was 13. Now my mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and she is slowly dying right in front of my eyes. I really hate that this has happened to her, but I do know that I would never be able to take knowing that either of their lives were spared because thousands of tiny helpless victims were sacrificed to the God of scientific discovery.

We get so excited that we can do something that we never seem to stop and think whether we should be doing it.

Only Jesus conquered death; and to do that he had to die. Our true hope is in Him and the life after this one we are promised. Nothing on this world should hold us so tightly. My father's life was in God's hands, and so now is my mother's.

I have said my piece, and now I am going to bed.