Tuesday, October 05, 2004

But I Just Don't Have Time!

Have you ever said I would just love to read the bible, I just don't have the time? That used to be my excuse. Until I realized that every day at Mass the Word of God is proclaimed. The Catholic Lectionary Cycle gives us the bible in short manageable pieces. So if I went to daily Mass I would get a good sampling of bible readings every day. If one were to go to daily Mass, in just two short years one would have heard most of the bible proclaimed. Even if one only attends Sunday Liturgies, it only takes three years to be exposed to almost all of the scriptures.

But what if you just don't have time to go to Mass every day? What if the closest Mass is too far from home or work? Then I would suggest that you can still read the daily Mass readings every day, in fact there are ways that you can either get them on line, or emailed directly to your inbox every day. One of these email programs is called the Daily E-pistle. If you are interested in trying this all you have to do is click the link below and send an email directly to them and you will be registered to receive the daily Mass readings.

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There are other resources out there to receive the daily readings. The USCCB(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) has them posted on their website.

Oneof my absolute favorite sites though, has to be the Daily Reflection on the Mass Readings done by the professors and administrators of Creighton University and presented by Creighton University Online Ministries .

I hope one of these links will help you to consider offering ten short minutes a day to read the Word of God.


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Suzanne said...

Hi! I've enjoyed the last few blogs! You know, I have NEVER been
to St. Meinrad! Can you believe that? I didn't realize I could
just drive down any Saturday. That would be a nice little venture.
We went to Mother of the Redeemer Farm yesterday and I do so love
it there. There is great peace at these places - there is precious grace. Everyone should go at some time or another. Sometimes, like you said, we don't know that we can be "quiet" and actually receive much from and enjoy that experience and time, but that is
not true, for we can! It is truly an amazing thing to me.
The kids went; we all hit the "box" and fessed up and everyone was
all smiles afterwards! Crista says, "Mom! Can we run up the hill of God?" She was referring to something she heard some boys say
once when a group of youth was out there. I laughed, but off the
three of them went running up God's big hill! It was a precious moment in time! Thank you God for places of retreat and Your big hill! Now, if I can just get to the top of it! :)

As for reading and study, thanks for the references there too!