Friday, October 08, 2004

Joan Watch

My absolute most favorite show in television in the past few years has to be Joan of Arcadia , the story of a high school girl who talks to God.

The writing is creative and insightful, the characters are fully developed and quirky enough to be interesting, and the show's producers haven't given in to the demand from society to be more of the world.

My absolute favorite thing about Joan is that she says to God many of the things I wish I could say. I find in nearly every episode something I wish I had thought of.

My other favorite thing about the show is that it doesn't make a mockery of the Catholic Church. Helen, Joan's mom, is a lapsed Catholic who seeks out the Church to help her deal with struggles and uncertainty in her life. Can we not all relate to that? The priest she meets is so refreshingly human, not a caricature, or holier than thou, just a man doing a job well. I am really glad that they have chosen to follow this story line out.

So I suggest that you watch an episode. It is nice to see something on television that isn't driven by sex jokes or potty humor.

Each week I will include as part of my blog my favorite line from that week's episode as a teaser.

Today’s favorite line was:

Joan (speaking to God) People pray to see you . . . if they only knew.

Writing like that deserves awards.


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