Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sorry for the Silence

I realized this week that I have been in relative Blog Silence lately and I apologize. The new school schedules for the girls have been quite hectic, and I am just now finding my rhythm.

There has also been something going on in my spiritual life that I don't quite know how or even whether I should share yet, so I am "pondering it in my heart" and trying to discern what and or how I should share this part of my spiritual journey with you, my faithful readers. Suffice it to say that God has been sharing something very special with me. in a way that I have yet to find a way to describe. For a writer this has caused me no end of dispair, because I would love to share withyou the joy of my newest journey, but words fail.

I fullly intend to continue the Mystic Monday posts beginning next Monday, and hoppefully will be able to post at least three times a week now that our school schedule is a little more setlled into a regular pattern and I am used to it.


Mimi said...

Be still, and know that I am.

It's ok to not share. Hugs and prayers.

Suzanne said...

It is okay as Mimi says..not to share..there is plenty that I honestly don't share...even within group. Sometimes it really is between God and each one of us, but then again, that is how we must form our relationship with me, if everything is passed to another, then I don't have that special moment between Him and I...I guess I just think He wants some things just between Him and each one of His children.

Still, if it is something that you feel called to share ..perhaps you feel He is wanting you to, He will help you find a way, as you know, with prayers. Know that your dear grouping friends will be there for you in a way...the best way we know how..I trust that with all of them. God bless you as you sort this all out.