Thursday, December 01, 2005

Supreme Court's Abortion Case

The Supreme Court is hearing a case on Abortion Rights. Really what the Supreme Court is hearing is a case which is going to determine if anyone has the right to do invasive surgery on an underage female child without notifying her parents. This is ridiculous for two reasons.

1) a girl at this age can't even get her ears pierced without parental consent, and yet abortion providers want permission to do surgery without telling her parents

2) if a child of this age is pregnant someone abused her, and that person should be at least investigated by the police.

NOW says this is all about keeping abortion safe and legal. I say this is all about keeping children safe from unnecessary harm. Some crime has already been committed, don't compound that crime by forcing her into an abortion which will leave her with emotional scars that will never heal.

As a parent this case has me screaming inside. Some women's organization wants to tell my daughter that they know what is right for her, without my knowledge or consent. I am praying so hard on this one. Please join me in storming heaven so that the judges will see the hypocrisy of the argument in the NOW case.



Bobby R. said...

That is because the ear ring guys don't have a big lobbying effort in Washington

Suzanne said...

Always praying on this...thanks for writing this wonderful and very truthfully informative blog.
The people who believe it is okay to perform anything like this on an underage child are nothing short of child abusers in two to the underage young woman and two because they are murdering a tiny little the very least barbaric!