Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bai MacFarlane writes:

I copied this verbatim from Mark Shea but I don't think he will mind:

Would ask your readers to do something to help protect children and dedicated spouses from routine no-fault divorce?

I need to find publishers and writers who want to inform readers about our current civil court challenge. We are working to protect marriage from no-fault divorce. I also need to find organizations who regularly invite speakers to address attendees, and radio/TV broadcasters whose listeners are displeased with the current divorce situation in this country. If you know anyone who fits this description, please contact me.

Law Professor, Steve Safranek, is challenging the constitutionality of no-fault divorce for those who had agreed to be married for life, in accordance with the guidelines of their church. For those who agreed to be seriously married, the civil courts don't have the authority to force a dedicated spouse to accept no-fault divorce. Many people agree to be married for life, and they understood they were not to separate, simply because one feels like it if he or she is unhappy. Seriously married people expect protection for those who are abandoned. If no-fault divorce was not a legal option, abandoners could be required to repair damage they cause by abandonment, and children could at least retain their home with the dedicated parent. Such abandoners might also consider reconciling, if divorce were not so easy and rewarding.

In the present no-fault divorce system, children are ordered to live on a rigid schedule visiting the abandoner - away from home. They are forced to live life going between two broken homes. In no-fault divorce, civil courts routinely prevent children from having day-to- day interaction with the dedicated, innocent spouse. Civil courts also routinely force stay-at-home moms to get work, putting children in day care, or force the dedicated parent to pay support, though he or she is no longer integrally involved with the upbringing of his or her children.

With his project, Safranek is appealing a no-fault divorce in Ohio.
It is my case. I was a dedicated, stay-at-home mom, and my husband abandoned me and petitioned the civil court for a no-fault divorce. The civil judge removed my children from me, and gave my husband full custody, and ordered me to pay him child support. No one testified that I had been a bad mother. Professor Safranek observed that the judge took my children away because I was a homeschooler and because I refused to teach my children that divorce didn't break our family. I also didn't want a court psychologist making parenting decisions for my children; so the judge took my children away altogether.

Please help us 'get the word out' regarding this important opportunity to protect children and dedicated spouses from no-fault divorce. Help us find more news media to cover this story.


Law Professor Safranek's website is

Safranek also founded Ave Maria Law School in Ann Arbor MI.To listen to excerpts from a recent interview, visit

To see existing news coverage, visit

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Maggie here,

I have been watching this case and it saddens me to see a woman being torn apart by the court system for doing exatcly what she felt called to do by her faith and her heart. I have so much compassion for Bai, she is constantly in my prayers now.


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