Thursday, August 20, 2009

There is a Balance in the Force (at least for now)

Mrangelmeg made it home safely from his sojourn out west; well at least he made it home safely, his bag was a little late in arriving, having missed the connecting flight from ATL. The airline promised that it would be delivered to our doorstep by morning, but there was a bit of a panic because he was without a toothbrush (I found a spare unused one in the bathroom cabinet) razor (I had a few extra that I had purchased in California because I forgot to pack mine) and unfortunately, well unmentionables.

Being the methodical engineer type, and knowing that he was going to be away for over a month, he had packed evrey pair of underwear for his trip. Which meant that when he got home the only pair he had was the pair he was wearing when he walked through the door.

Just in case. before we went to bed last night I did a load of whites, and stayed up to make sure they got into the dryer so that he would have his one pair of undies clean for today. Of course, just my luck, the suitcase was delivered just after I put the white load into the dryer at One-twenty-five A.M.. Lucky for me that I was also watching the replay of Top Chef Los Vegas at the time so I didn't really mind so much that I was dragging a suitcase into the house.

Oh, by the way, his suitcase was four pounds overweight and it cost him $90 extra on Southwest. So be careful how you pack guys. That's how they get ya!

I am so happy to have him home, even if he does have to fly off next week for a quick trip to Pax River for a meeting. At least that one is only over night. Hopefully it will be months before he has to be away for longer than a night or two.


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