Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Myth of Overpopulation

I have always thought that there was something fundamentally wrong with the scare tactic mentality behind the way that population figures have been discussed most of my lifetime. To be perfectly honest I don't like to be bullied into anything and it always felt like those who believe that the world is on track to extreme overpopulation were trying to bully me into their way of thinking, which has the exact opposite effect. I tend to think they must be wrong and seek out facts to prove the other side of the argument just out of spite.

this video (and the linked website) is very interesting because it doesn't use bully tactics, These people just simply want you to "do the math" and make the decision on your own that overpopulation is a myth.

Now if everyone would just work together to assure that the world's resources are being used in an equitable manner, we could erradicate famine as well.

h/t to Fr. Eric Mueller a fellow Alumni of St Meinrad (via Facebook) for the link.


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