Thursday, December 18, 2008

When Good Things Happen by Accident

Last night something really wonderful happened by accident.

The weather around here had been really dicey all day, and being the smart people that they are, the administration of the St. Paul Catholic Center (The Newman Center at IU where I volunteer in the RCIA program) decided to cancel all evening programs.

The only problem being, that they announced it on the closest local television station which is in Indianapolis 65 miles away, and probably on radi. Most of the participants, being college kids don't watch television or listen to local radio, so a lot of them didn't get the message and showed up anyway because there was supposed to be a pitch in dinner. I showed up because I had been driving around town all day and the roads were passable, so I figured that there wouldn't be a problem. I don't watch the news either ( the only news I ever watch I get from this source).

Anyway, when we all arrived at the Catholic Center it was dark, and no one was there to greet us, but we finally found Fr. Bob who said that if we were willing to make do he would turn the lights on in the church so that we could procede with the tour, which was the planned activity and then we could go ahead with our pitch in dinner since we had all brought food anyway.

All in all, it turned out to be a very nice evening in which fellowship and sharing happened and community was forged, even if we weren't supposed to be there. It just goes to show that God can use any opening to create stronger community; even our own mistakes.


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